Complex infrastructure requires a variety of building automation and control Systems. Building Management System is computer-based control system installed in building that controls and monitors the total MEP (Mechanical � Electrical � Plumbing) and security Structure.BMS consist of both Hardware and software. Building Management System enables the centralization and optimization of the monitoring, operating and managing of a building.The most common advantages are Problems detected earlier, high level of control, energy savings etc.

Makcam is a quality supplier of the world's best Building Management System. We provide effective solutions for making your buildings intelligent and saving energy at the same time. Customised software packages are designed that meet specific applications of monitoring and control. These solutions provide optimal comfort levels while using the least amount of energy.

Lighting can also be switched on or off by timers, and light sensors can decrease/increase a room�s interior lighting relative to the amount of daylight. Linking HVAC components and lighting systems to a BMS gives unlimited possibilities regarding control, as new control strategies can be implemented by reprogramming the control software.

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Makcam Building Manager is an enterprise-level, open protocol solution that provides convenient, single-point monitoring and control of your building�s HVAC, lighting, energy management and environmental controls.

A Building Management System (BMS) is an integrated data network and control system for automation, monitoring and control of HVAC, lighting and other functions in a building. By connecting HVAC equipment, such as sensors, controllers, pumps and fans to a BMS an individual building�s indoor climate can be controlled by special software.